DUROMAC CityFant 30

Easy to maintain and built to last

Lower cost, higher performance
DUROMAC sets high standards for the quality and durability of its sweepers. These same high standards are applied to driving comfort. Ergonomically designed control elements, easy handling and accessibility of all units for maintenance purposes help to ensure focused work, even during long hours of operation.

Lower cost, higher efficiency
The DUROMAC CityFant 30 sets standards in efficient street cleaning. With a hopper capacity of 3 cubic meters, it is perfectly suited for sweeping urban environments, industrial estates, country roads and motorways. Reliable components made of premium materials ensure low maintenance.

As a standard, the sweepers are equipped with a stainless steel water tank with a capacity of 800 liters. Long operation hours on extremely dirty roads are therefore managed without difficulty. The engine unit drives the high-performance exhauster fan, brush system and water pump via centrifugal clutch.

A swivel main brush and an additional sweeping device for left and right hand operation all contribute impressively to this sweeper’s versatility, making it an extremely economical all-rounder. This ingenious brush system facilitates spotless cleaning of surfaces right up to curbs, even in less accessible areas such as parking bays or narrow bends.

The full range of useful options considerably increases DUROMAC’s CityFant 30 sweepers versatility; a worthwhile investment for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness in daily use.

* The most powerful urban vacuum road sweeper* Robust-built, guaranteed for a long life service* Efficient sweeping speed of 2-18 km/hr* Sizeable 3.0 m3 hopper* The hopper floor and side walls are serially made of special stainless steel* Large water tank of 800 liters for extended operations* Powerful auxiliary engine for sweeping and suction functions

Key Features

  • Compact chassis-mounted road sweeper
  • Powerful auxiliary engine for sweeping and suction
  • Ergonomical controls to allow easy handling
  • Easy accessibilty of all components for maintenance
  • Ideal for narrow streets, roads and open areas