DISA-CLEAN 130 High Vacuum Road Sweeper

  • Unlike conventional road sweepers, DISACLEAN 130 sweeps without dust/debris sticking to the road surface.
  • Water free, no “painting” of the finest dust on surface, vacuum sweeping.
  • A unique 4step filter separation to secure a dust free cleaning through the entire cleaning process, resulting in a completely dust free surface/area
  • With the advantages of high vacuum technique DISACLEAN is also very efficient under wet conditions, and leave the area clean and nearly dry after vacuum sweeping
  • Even smaller particles than PM10 is sucked up and is not blown out in the air again
  • Maximum time sweeping roads with minimum service and maintenance of the machine
  • As a free option the DISACLEAN is also a powerful Vacloader, ready to suck all different types of material (water, stone, sand etc.), with a connected 8 inches hose