Due to its extreme maneuverability, the Scrubmaster B115 R ride-on sweeper which is ideal to scrub dry large areas. The robust construction and high quality levels reduce consequential costs and downtime, thus further increasing efficiency and availability. The large-volume tank-in-tank system enables long periods of operation and the large tank opening simplifies cleaning.

This unique-designed ride-on scrubber drier is ideal for high pedestrian traffic areas like malls, airports, hypermarkets and other public areas where fast cleaning is required without interruption to their daily operations.

Key Features

  • Need-based cleaning. The Boost button is used to briefly activate the maximum water supply and full brush pressure. This enables the cleaning performance to be increased according to the requirements of individual situations
  • The integrated charger enables the battery to be charged at any power socket
  • Short set-up times. Special release mechanisms enable brushes to be changed quickly and without the need for tools
  • Collision protection and deflecting rollers prevent damage to the machine and property, particularly when working in border areas
  • Non-slip results. The parabolic/V-shaped squeegee ensures excellent vacuuming/drying results even when cornering and on problem floors
  • Simple operation. All the operating elements are quickly accessible on the clearly laid out operating panel
  • Low-noise operation. The sound insulation for the turbines ensures the B 115 R is very quiet.
  • Increased productivity due to the large tank, reduced water and detergent consumption (Aqua Control System) and efficient battery.
  • Strong scrubbing with proven plate brush head (brushes or pads); 4 different working widths.
  • Robust due to front and rear collision protection, impact-proof cover