With area coverage of up to 2,900 m2 per hour, the Scrubmaster B45 walk-behind scrubber is ideal for the thorough scrub dry of small and medium-sized areas – e.g. retail trade, administrative buildings, hotels and catering or service centers. The heavy duty construction, with die cast aluminum brush heads and squeegees, increases reliability while minimizing repair costs and downtimes. Its excellent ergonomics and the intuitive operation also contribute to increased productivity as do the various solutions for reducing water and cleaning agent consumption, which not only help save costs but also reduce environmental pollution.

Features & Benefits

  • Equipped with an electrical brush release for simple change of plate brushes
  • Flat, projecting brush deck ideal for better reach of corners
  • Integrated dirt hopper to collect coarse dirt.
  • Easy to service construction. Reduces maintenance work and costs.  Color coded maintenance points and direct access for daily inspections, e.g. water filter, with no tools necessary. Practical: the large tank lid, fill level indicator and controllable draining valves for dirty water; error diagnosis indicated in the display to ensure operator friendly operations.
  • Ideal ergonomics. Work without fatigue thanks to optimal handle position and clear arrangement of controls. Intuitive operation reducing training times, one operation switches all the functions on and off
  • Anti-Foam system. Prevents moisture entering the suction motor – aids a long service life and low service life costs
  • Optimal traction. Ensured by the use of non-slip, non-marking tires
  • Silent button. Reduces the speed of the suction motor to provide even quieter operation Good maneuverability. Resulting from its compact dimensions and the “driving away from wall” vehicle design
  • Standard on board charger for easy recharging at any power point.
  • Optional – Hand-held tool. Can be used to clean areas difficult to access