This walk-behind sweeper simply cannot be ignored for dust-free cleaning of small and medium-sized areas. It works according to the overhead throwing principle which allows the hopper to be filled completely. This provides long periods of uninterrupted work and sweeping performance. For continuous and high work quality, the filter can be easily shaken clean during use. The heavy-duty, robust, steel frame construction makes the Hako-Sweepmaster a really professional sweeper which can clean surfaces efficiently with a long life-cycle.

Features & Benefits

  • Take-it-Easy hopper system for simple emptying in just one operation
  • Extremely maneuverable and operator friendly (easy-handling)
  • The quiet high performance and maintenance-free battery drive, with onboard charger, can be charged at any power socket
  • Or choose for an industrial petrol engine for outdoor use
  • Close to edge cleaning and large overlapping of the side brush when maneuverable
  • Excellent sweeping result even when sweeping fine sand
  • Collects even large debris
  • Sweeping track adjustment controls without tools
  • Change from dry to wet sweeping easily
  • Easy dirt disposal with drawer-type hopper