The Battery powered Sweepmaster B800R combines the compact dimensions of a walk-behind machine with the convenience and performance range of a ride-on machine. It works according to the overhead throw principle which ensures the hopper is filled to the full. This means uninterrupted work and a constant, first class sweeping performance. To ensure the machine continues to provide consistent cleaning results, the filter in the insert can be shaken clean occasionally. The robust, steel frame construction and heavy-duty quality ensures a longer life-cycle.

Features & Benefits

  • Perfect sweeping results
  • Maintenance-free battery drive. Environmentally friendly and long operating time. With on-board charger for charging at any power point.
  • Highly effective cassette filter system = dust-free sweeping and easy handling
  • Simple maintenance. Pivot up the seat and all the areas for maintenance are open for access
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Maneuverability and joy of driving
  • Changing main broom without tools
  • Simple emptying with “Take-it-easy” disposal concept
  • Robust built and service-friendly
  • Work safety guaranteed: safe driving and grip at all times, even when negotiating ramps.
  • Second side broom: left-hand side broom ensures increased efficiency and sweeping performance during operations